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The Closing is one of the final steps in the process of buying/selling or refinancing a home. It is when all parties involved, including the buyer and seller, meet to finalize the transaction and where purchase money and ownership documents, including the conveyance deed exchange hands.
The location of the closing is typically at the Realtor’s office, Lender’s office, the buyer or seller’s attorney’s office, or many times at the Title Company’s (also known as Settlement Agent) office. The Title Company will coordinate who should attend the closing and at what time.
You will should be explain each document to you, including a breakdown of all closing costs, also known as the HUD1 Settlement Statement.
The Closing Officer/Agent/Notaty will then witness and notarize various documents and ask you for your driver’s license or green card. You must bring photo id with you to the closing.
The buyer should receive his/her’s owner policy and recorded deed in a few weeks, along with a copy of everything signed at the closing. The seller will also be presented with a copy of everything signed.

Documents expected to be signed at closing
• HUD1 Settlement Statement
• Compliance Agreement
• Mortgage
• Note
• Truth In Lending
• Survey Affidavit or New Survey
• Final Good Faith Estimate
• Interest Statement
• Notice of Right to Cancel
• Name Affidavits
• Occupancy Affidavit
• Various IRS forms
• Completed 1003-Loan Application
• Flood Insurance Notice
• HUD1 Settlement Statement
• Compliance Agreement
• Conveyance Deed
• Seller’s Affidavit
• Gas and/or Pest Inspections
• Home Warranty
• Payoff Authorizations
• Name Affidavits

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